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Diplomatic activity in the field of culture and business
M. promotes democratization and support of universal values, strengthening of environmental and information security, development of the tourism sector, growth of exports and attraction of investments
development and protection of national interests
Cultural Heritage Preservation
Renovation and promotion of the image of public and private structures in a global context, by means of cutting-edge technologies
Establishment of intercultural relations. International networking, cultural and professional information exchange
Synthesize new technologies and visual art
Develop the art market
Offer new methods of presenting art projects

Integration of new techniques and technologies into business, military and creative industries for enhancing them

The METΛCVLTVRE team is a proactive entity that offers comprehensive cross-sectoral solutions for government, commercial and creative organizations

Development and implementation of innovative analog/digital ecosystems and new forms of presentation of cultural and diplomatic projects

Strengthen institutional cooperation.
Promote inclusion and ensure free access to the cultural product

METΛCVLTVRE is a synergy of interconnected interdisciplinary exposition modules combined into a single exhibition infrastructure:

metaverse — an updated online platform with the ability to add new locations and VR technology (virtual reality), Gamification. Networking

scanning of objects, architecture, and integration of models in online spaces

immersive interactive exhibitions using the latest technologies — lasers, projection 3-D mapping, programmable sensors, sound reactive and procedural graphics, work with using artificial intelligence and augmented reality

interactive media sculptures and installations for the exterior and interior

network of interconnected digital blockchain exhibitions in 10 cities around the world to present NFT art and cultural products

organization of hubs, hackathons, residences, environmental and light festivals

design and sale of themed clothing and accessories (merchandise)

website development

promote the establishment of cross-sectoral cooperation between business, the IT sphere, and cultural operators

expand the community of connoisseurs and researchers of visual arts

Digitize and preserve cultural heritage.
Demonstrate and implement new curatorial methods in the field of visual art


Curatorial team with international experience working at the highest government level
A group of project managers.
Technical engineers.
Development specialists for websites and virtual spaces (browser versions and game engines).
Team for scanning objects and spaces (laser, lidar, photogrammetry, etc.)
Famous digital and analog artists, sculptors, videographers.
Partner technical, production, and cultural support.
SMM manager. Contextual Advertising Manager.
Experts in the field of international cultural law.
Speakers (Ukrainian, English).


Hong Kong, a media exhibition dedicated to Suprematism and its founder, Malevich. Jointly with the Ministry of Culture of China (in the process of implementation).


«Ukrainian Phoenix» — an international conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine after the victory (Ukraine Recovery Conference 2022) in the city of Lugano. This event was held at the highest representative level — among the participants and speakers were the President of Ukraine, the President of Switzerland, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, the President of the European Commission, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom, the Government of Ukraine and the highest diplomats and officials from 40 countries. During 2 intensive working days, the delegation discussed ways and measures aimed at restoring the destroyed infrastructure and economy of our country, as well as military aid. In order for our foreign colleagues not to forget about what a terrorist country is doing in Ukraine, our curatorial group Résistance Culturelle implemented the exhibition project called «Ukrainian Phoenix». This is a massive and impressive video installation that broadcasts spectacular evidence of the russian attacks on the civilian infrastructure of Irpin, Bucha and Hostomel, masterfully filmed and edited by video artist Smakadron «aerial filming».
This project of cultural diplomacy was implemented with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine / MFA of Ukraine and under the patronage of the First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska. Now we are preparing exhibitions called «Ukrainian Guernica» in Greece, Switzerland, and Cyprus.


Guernicaua — a project of cultural diplomacy in close cooperation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine under the patronage of Olena Zelenska.


SPT ETHICS (Ethics on experiments, Transhumanism, Human Interactions, Care & Society) Scientific Conference: Metaverses and Virtual Ecosystems.


Crimean Platform Summit. Presentation of the media sculpture «Plexus» — 15 presidents, 60 international organizations.


Kyiv Art Week (International) — metaverse, Photo Kyiv Fair, Naive Museum art space, Plan B art space